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What are Compete-to-Earn Leagues?
What are Compete-to-Earn Leagues?
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C2E (compete to earn) leagues are at the core of BFIT app, and it's where you earn BFIT. We convert movement data into points that rank you in league leaderboards.

Every day BFIT is distributed to all C2E leagues, and depending on your leaderboard position will depend on how much BFIT you will earn. The higher up the leaderboard, the more you will earn.

Max of Three

You can only join a maximum of three C2E leagues, so go to leagues and start exploring the different types to find one that matches your sport type. You’ll find everything from HIIT workouts and trail running to swimming, running and yoga. We’ll always cater for everyone, so if there’s not a league that gets you going, send us a suggestion, and we’ll add it.

One Sport Type

You can only join one sport type league; for example, you can’t join three running leagues simultaneously, but you can join one swim, one cycle and one run.

Match Making

As leagues evolve, and so do your fitness levels, you will get auto-matched to new leagues. Each league has a fitness rank, and so do you. We will match you to a league where you’re best matched. We don’t want the same people winning every time!

Fitness Rank

A user’s fitness rank is calculated based on their previous week’s activity levels, so if you have an active week, you'll go up and vice versa; if you have a slow week, you'll drop a rank.

Inactivity no Good

If your rank drops, we’ll give you a week’s grace to get it back up, but if you don’t, you’ll get ejected from the league. Leagues will get full quickly as we grow, and some will have wait lists to join, so our advice is to let your rank drop.

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