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If you notice that data is not updating in Fitlink then sometimes your tracker might need a little bump!

Fitlink relies on your trackers and apps to send us the data and 99% of the time we get this data in the background automatically but sometimes it might not show up so here's what you can do;

Google Fit - just opening the Google Fit app is enough for your data to sync with Google servers and for Google to send it to Fitlink.

Fitbit - open the app and do a 'pull-down-refresh' on the screen which should trigger Fitbit to sync data with their servers and then send it to Fitlink.

Strava - double-check that the activity has synced and shows in your Strava feed and if so, it should also be in Fitlink.

If trying the above doesn't help then please contact us using the 'report an issue' option in settings or emailing

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