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How do leagues work?
How do leagues work?
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There are three types of leagues, and more are on their way, but for now, we have;

  1. Open points-based leagues that are public so that anyone can join

  2. Closed points-based leagues that are private and invite-only

  3. Open compete-to-earn leagues that are public so that anyone can join

The leagues that we create are open public leagues.

The leagues that you create are closed, private, and invite-only.

You can create private leagues using the Fitlink App. Leagues are created by selecting an activity type (run, ride, swim, etc.) duration and if it's a one-off or a repeating league. You can then invite the people you want to compete with. The points you earn from tracking activities are used to rank you in league leaderboards.

For now we can only create the compete-to-earn leagues in BFIT app.

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