Apple Health and Google Fit sync with (almost) every health and fitness app in their respective app stores.

By connecting Fitlink to Apple Health or Google Fit means Fitlink will be able to read any activity or lifestyle data from your health and fitness apps.

For example, if you use a water tracker app that is connected to Apple Health or Google Fit, then Fitlink will see this water drinking data. You may well use a wearable device like a Fitbit or an Oura Ring to track your sleep which is also connected to Apple Health or Google Fit meaning that Fitlink also sees your sleep data. So as you can see, as long as you connect Apple Health or Google Fit to Fitlink then we will see all your health and fitness data.

We do have direct connections with Fitbit and Strava as sometimes these wearables or apps don't directly connect with Apple Health or Google Fit.

Fitlink will never be an activity tracker itself and we will leave that to the experts!

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